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JSONiq - the SQL of NoSQL 1.0

JSONiq Use Cases

Use cases for the JSONiq core language.

Edition 1.0.9

Daniela Florescu

Till Westmann

Edited by

Ghislain Fourny

ETH Zurich

This document introduces some use cases for the JSONiq core language.
These use cases were originally use cases for the JSONiq extension to XQuery (this is where it all started). They were converted to the more pleasant JSONiq core syntax.
The queries where results are supplied were executed with Zorba.

1. JSONiq Use Cases
1.1. Sample Queries
1.1.1. Joins
1.1.2. Grouping Queries for JSON
1.1.3. JSON to JSON Transformations
1.1.4. JSON Updates
1.1.5. Data Transformations
A. Revision History