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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.1.3Mon Jun 3, 2013Ghislain Fourny
Added constraints on $content and $open for objects, to ensure proper object-oriented inheritance. But for the moment, object derivation is limited to the topmost type, so that these constraints are trivially fulfilled.
Fixed typos.
Cleaned up Schema Schema.
Revision 0.1.2Thu May 30 2013Ghislain Fourny
Annotating an atomic means casting it.
The lexical space of date/dateTime/time was extended to support RFC 2822.
Local types have no prefix.
The URI Qualified Name syntax may also be used to reference types.
$optional is ignored if a $default is provided for a pair.
Added $about field to Schema and Types for free content.
The Input of the Validation and Annotation processes is now a JDM instance (typically freshly parsed).
$layout and $member-types were renamed to $content
The special key $any was removed from object $content. JSONiq constraints can be used instead.
Default values can be computed with a JSONiq query.
Revision 0.1.2Wed May 29 2013Ghislain Fourny
First Working Draft.