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JSONiq Extension to XQuery 1.0

Usecases for the JSONiq Extension to XQuery

Edition 0.4.43

Daniela Florescu

Till Westmann

Edited by

Ghislain Fourny

ETH Zurich

This document introduces use cases for the JSONiq extension to XQuery.

1. JSONiq: Use Cases
1.1. Sample Queries
1.1.1. Joins
1.1.2. Grouping Queries for JSON
1.1.3. JSON to JSON Transformations
1.1.4. Converting XML to JSON
1.1.5. Transforming JSON to SVG
1.1.6. Transforming Arrays to HTML Tables
1.1.7. Windowing Queries
1.1.8. JSON views in middleware
1.1.9. JSON Updates
1.1.10. Data Transformations
A. Revision History