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Chapter 4. Atomic Types

4.1. Scope
4.2. Examples
4.3. Builtin Atomic Types
4.4. Atomic facets

4.1. Scope

Atomic Types match atomics (JSON leaf values: strings, numbers, booleans, nulls).
Atomic Types have a lexical space (a set of literals denoting the values), a value space (a set of actual values), and a lexical mapping which maps the former into the latter.
An Atomic Type can be either the topmost atomic, or a primitive builtin type, or a builtin type derived from a primitive type, or a user-defined type derived from any other Atomic Type (except atomic).
A Derived Atomic Type can be defined by restricting the value space of another Atomic Type by specifying atomic facets. A restriction can also be made with the general facets $enumeration and $constraints.