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Chapter 2. Concepts

2.1. Candidate Instance
2.2. Annotated Instance
2.3. Schema Document
2.4. Meta Schema Document
2.5. Type
2.6. Namespace
2.7. Qualified Name
2.8. Validation
2.9. Annotation
2.10. Meta Keys

2.1. Candidate Instance

This is a JDM (JSONiq Data Model) value. A Candidate Instance may or not be valid against a Schema Type.
In the JSONiq Data Model, instances can be objects, arrays, or atomics.
  • An object has an unordered list of string/value pairs. A top-level object is also referred to as a "JSON document".
  • An array has an ordered list of values.
  • An atomic has a value annotated with an atomic type.
Typically, the Candidate Instance will have been freshly parsed and will only have atomics of type string, integer, decimal, double, boolean and null. Integer, decimal and double values correspond to parsed JSON numbers, depending on the presence of dots and scientific notation.